What is it that makes you go back to the same place of business, time and time again? What makes you a loyal customer? If you want to survive in business, you need to make sure that your are doing the same things for your customers.

Here are three steps you can take when managing customer care so that you give a service that isn’t just good, it’s exceptional.

Step 1: Look after your Internal Customers  https://www.loyalcare.info/

Too often, companies focus their customer care training on front line staff. Yet every employee in your business has a colleague who is an internal customer. What if employees gave the same attention to the next person along the work chain as they would to an external customer? Think how much easier it would be for the front line to provide excellent customer care. Get departments to draw up internal customer care charters, whereby they discuss an agree how they can provide a great service to each other.

Step 2: Walk the Path with the Customer

Do you always focus on the point of sale when trying to impress customers? Look at the total picture. How did they first find you? What publicity material did they see? What does your paperwork look like, such as invoices, receipts and so on? How do they experience your after sales service? Do you keep in touch with them through loyalty schemes etc.? Plot the journey of service from beginning to end. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Rate your customer’s experience at each stage where they interact with you and see what you can improve. If they have a negative experience at any stage, it will take a lot of positive experiences to keep them loyal.

Step 3: The Small Things Count

I went to a restaurant one evening which had great, reasonably priced food and a lively welcoming atmosphere. As I was walking out the door, every employee I passed made a point of saying “thank you” and “goodbye”. I’ll be back!

Build positive moments of impression in your business. It is the small things that count. Brainstorm with your staff new ways in which you can delight your customers. And make sure that you pay attention to training, so that every detail of your exceptional standard of service is clearly explained and followed.

To keep the standard up, offer a free lunch to a group of interested customers on a regular basis and get their feedback on how you can continue to deliver exceptional customer care.

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