Parents are often so consumed by telling their children the hundred things they cannot, that they leave the child few choices about what they can do. The child is not sure what they can do, and will most likely end up doing more things you do not want. So how can you fix this common problem thousands of parents face?

By rephrasing your instructions or directions. Instead of telling the child what not to do, tell them what they can do. Wow! This is a concept that most parents do not even consider. It is much easier for a child to remember one instruction about what they are allowed to do than a long list of what they cannot do. This method of discipline is extremely helpful to those who have children diagnosed with ADHD. These children will have a very difficult time remembering a number of different directions. You can help make it easier on them and yourself by clearly stating what they are allowed to do.

For example, one of the most common things a parent will say to their children is, “do not run in the house.” Okay, so the child is left with the street, the park, the driveway or whatever else may pop into their head. Instead of telling them where not to run, tell them specifically where they can run. This statement would be rephrased to say “I want you to run in the backyard.”

You can save yourself a great deal of frustration and time by simply changing a few words around. Do not leave your child with too many options. Keep it simple and they are much more likely to understand and do as you ask.

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