Try deliberate motion with deliberate intention and remove the gluiest stuckness within seconds!

Let’s face it. We all have days when a funk is inevitable. Even if we leap, whistling out of bed with the super-duper, souped-up, turbo version of life so clearly in our vision that we can touch it, some days the black shroud of collective gloom wafts over the chimney pots and picks our head to settle upon.

Now ardent disciples of self-mastery will have tried the whole gamut of techniques to ‘re-align’ with the positive vibes vital to manifesting our desires – enforced positive thinking, meditation, deep breathing, sleep, hypnosis, visualisation, audio programs, therapy, chakra re-alignment and, of course, tapping meridians.

It is a common phenomenon to invest more on paying an expert to find the answers to our funks than on our monthly food budget! Yet there is a lucid verity that is the nub of achieving wholeness and empowerment, and it is this:

We are our greatest teachers!

We contain all the knowledge within us to overcome every obstacle, every challenge, every set-back, every black-shroud day – even the ones where we feel stuck in the quagmire. And there is one simple, ‘portable’ thing we can do in any time, any place, in the company of anyone. It takes no special equipment, no charts, books and journals. It is totally free. And it is this..

Just MOVE!

Physical movement alters moods and it is such child’s play that it appears many experts have completely overlooked it! We will not remain in the same ‘state’ if we put the body into motion.

For many years I studied meditative trance-dance and felt the healing in my emotional stability. Over the years, I noticed how different sorts of movement had an effect on both transient states and enduring emotional growth. The draw-back was attending regular workshops or disciplining myself to do it at home, when there was ‘time’. So the possibility of re-finding those ‘breakthrough’ states was, at best, a few times a week. The rest of the week I was out there fending off the ‘gloom-shroud’ with the rest of humanity. Stuck days were inevitable.

NLP expounds the virtues of clapping hands and jumping up and down to quick-start changing a stuck a mind-set. It endorses the idea that action will alter a state and induce a different reaction to the ‘stuck’ one. What’s more it describes how we can associate gesture and posture with certain emotional states and then seek out these states by assuming the gestures and postures.

Now we are frequently told that, when we’re observing or focusing on, things we don’t desire, that ‘somehow’ we’ve got to find a way to reach for better thoughts and better feelings. But we are not often told how! And when we’re in a funk, we’re in a funk! Going for a walk or doing sport is a help but not always convenient if we’re working, shopping, in a conference, thinking up a business plan or cooking dinner.

Stuckness can come at any moment and indeed when we least expect it. It can be anywhere on the scale between, a dip in humour or mild annoyance to confusion, anger and depression. Unless we’re the Dalai Lama (and even he probably has the odd funk occasionally!) these are normal human reflexive responses. However, if we desire to control our states and reduce the funks and sticks, then we have got to adopt a simple method to unstick. To unfunk, we’ve got to get funky!

Getting funky

By combining visualisation with gesture, by imagining and moving at the same time, we can unstick the gluiest funk. It works as it plays.

Here’s a scenario.

For whatever reason in the world you feel like something very unsavoury!

Now, stop whatever it is you’re doing, pick up any object, look at it in the palm of your hand and imagine it is where you want to get to.

See the object representing the immediate goal or burning passion and place it on the ground some distance away from you.

Now slap your thighs gently, thinking that you desire to slap out of this mood.

Roll your shoulders around lightly thinking that you want to feel lighter.

Snap your fingers like you’ve just ‘got it’ thinking that you want to snap into inspiration and find the answer to your funk.

Now wrap your arms over your heart giving yourself a little hug of encouragement and acceptance.

Stamp your feet a little telling yourself your’re grounded and know best what’s for you.

Now stretch up to the sky reminding yourself that you’re linked with everything in the universe and it’s all ok!

If you can, focus on the goal-object that you placed on the floor and ask yourself what’s stopping you from getting there?

Ask yourself the question: “What is it that’s keeping me stuck?” and wait for the answer.

Keep slapping your thighs, rolling your shoulders, snapping your feet, hugging yourself, stamping and stretching.

Now turn about, spin around and put all of the body into movement. Dance towards your goal and watch what comes to you. Don’t judge it just let it move into you and through you.

By now the funk will have shifted, either intensifying into a deeper emotional response or feeling lighter.

If it’s feeling lighter and you’ve felt a shift, keep repeating everything and zap the rhythm up – running or jumping on the spot.

Just do it! If you can’t move your body how on earth are you going to make the earth move!

Snap, slap, clap and zap your way out of your funk!

Just about everybody will feel some shift in ‘stuckness’ by combining deliberate intention and deliberate action in the moment.

And never forget.

1. Wisdom is never outside of ourselves. We are the surest and purest source of empowerment we will ever have or need.

2. When outside circumstances knock us off the serenity stage, we have got to do something quick, urgent and effective to get us back on course. Putting the body into movement is the simplest and easiest way to do this. Combining learned postures and gestures with our personal visualisations is tantamount to manifesting something the instant you start to move.

So stop tapping and start zapping!

To learn more about this method and develop completely simple techniques to mood altering and using movement to enhance your visualisations, visit

A curtsy to you my reader and friend, I am Jenni P.

Vocational Dream Weaver, my PURPOSE is clear… To reflect your beauty and potential in the mirror of my presence… To voice the sparkling song of “A New World” in messages of shimmering hues… My gifts to the world are in my word, my art, my imagination, my dance, but my spells are limitless if it is inspiration you seek…. You will never weep in my company save for the poignant bliss of your own exaltation… I will be delighted to invite you into my charmed life.. to dance with you and celebrate your victories, cherish your conquests.

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