No matter what the economic or political situations are, there are always going to be ample opportunities to add some gains to your portfolio. And one of those reasons has to do with breakthrough technologies. You see, people are always at work, developing the latest and greatest ways to improve humanity’s quality of life.

I have visited and interviewed many of these people… Scientists, businessmen and everyday people from all walks of life… They’re all working on ideas not only from their own imaginations, but improving on ideas and inventions built generations ago.

The thing is, most of them work for companies not heard of by anyone else. Some of these companies are on the map and have been established for a few years, whereas many of their companies are still startups. In any case, Wall Street hasn’t noticed them or their work…yet. But when it does, these companies and their investors are sure to take off sky-high. And you want to be invested in them while they’re still on the ground, before they make it into the upper stratosphere.

Today, I wanted to talk to you about two of these opportunities to go sky high. I’ve shared the names of these companies with my Breakthrough Technology Alert readers, but I at least wanted to share with you some information about what they’re working on right now…

What the Telomerase Breakthrough Means for Weight Loss Companies

There’s about to be a shake-up in the $55 billion weight loss industry – and it’s one that could make a big upside move in your portfolio…

I’m finishing this month’s Breakthrough Technology Alert issue right now. Nevertheless, there are big things happening, and I have to tell you about some of them. I’m also excited about the company I’m covering this month. It is a leader in search for the next generation of weight loss drugs and poised to take off, probably this year.

Weight loss is an area we’ve been looking at for a long time now. The economics are compelling. Obesity is a major risk factor in various diseases, from arthritis and cancer to diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Any drug that can help people lose weight safely is, therefore, going to offer true value. Moreover, obesity increases with age. As the baby boom, the wealthiest generation in history, rolls into its senior years, the demand and the need for an obesity treatment is growing dramatically.

Until now, we haven’t chosen a company in this sector, for several reasons. One is simply that the field is crowded. There were a lot of companies and technologies to vet. Many people are working on fat drugs. Normally, this might have kept me out of the sector, but there’s room in this market for more than one winner. Buyers of these products often use them in combination.

Another reason we were particularly careful is that we’re going to see brand-new strategies for weight control in coming years. These new approaches, which I expect from several new sciences, including RNA interference, will probably leapfrog anything that comes out in the next year or so. Nevertheless, the demand is so great and the FDA is so resistant to new technologies, I expect some serious profits from innovators over the next five years. More importantly, this company has the potential and platform to evolve into a major biotech success story with many other targeted therapies.

Speaking of health and weight, I hope you’ve studied the new research regarding vitamin D I’ve told you about. Your health, after all, is your biggest asset. The newly discovered importance of optimal serum D levels should be seen as an opportunity to garner significant yields in health at very low costs.

Personally, since I’ve gotten my serum D levels up, I’ve noticed a number of obvious changes and benefits. One of the most welcome is that long-standing rotator cuff problems in my shoulders have nearly disappeared. I didn’t expect those results, but I’ve been able to increase the intensity of my workouts. For the first time in years, I’m adding pounds and reps to my weight training routine.

(You don’t need to do Navy SEAL levels of exercise to get real benefits, by the way. The benefits of exercise kick in quickly at relatively low levels. Just 20 minutes of walking or time on a treadmill or climber three times a week produces remarkable benefits, as I’m sure you know.)

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