When our youngest son Caleb was born we were filled with joy. We had been blessed with one son just 14 months prior. Now God had blessed us with a second son. He weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces. He had beautiful little hands and feet. He seemed perfect in our eyes.

When Caleb turned two years old, I began to worry about his speech. Caleb’s older brother David talked very early. The pediatrician told us not to compare the boys. We were told that children do different things at different ages. Caleb seemed to be on track developmentally. So I put it out of my mind and focused on daily challenges. https://logopedie-kachynova.cz/

On Caleb’s third birthday we asked our pediatrician about Caleb’s speech. We were sent to an audiologist for a hearing test. It showed that Caleb had mild hearing loss. We were told that Caleb had adequate hearing for speech. Again we were told that Caleb was normal and everything was fine. Caleb had an older brother that did all of his talking for him and for us not to worry. David would talk for Caleb. David was born to be an older brother. Caleb would just point and David would run get the item Caleb wanted and give it to him. All Caleb had to do was point and cry and David would take care of him.

A month after Caleb’s third birthday we moved from Texas to the state of Washington. I dreaded the road trip from Texas to Washington State with a three year old and a four year old. In preparation for the road trip we bought a music cd with songs geared for children. After being in the truck for 5 days Caleb started singing along with the songs. It gave me some comfort seeing that Caleb was starting to sing a few words. However, I could not stop worrying about Caleb’s speech.

When we arrived in Washington we found a pediatrician who recommended we get Caleb evaluated by a speech therapist. This would prove to be a devastating experience for our family. After a 30 minute evaluation we were told that Caleb was mentally retarded and would never learn to talk. We were also told that Caleb’s future was non-existent as he would end up living in a group home. This broke my heart. I did not believe it. Something inside of me would not allow me to believe it. We saw this speech therapist for 3 months. These sessions would be very depressing. The speech therapist was very negative. Each session would be spent with the speech therapist telling me everything that Caleb could not do. It was very frustrating. One day I told the speech therapist that I was fully aware of what Caleb could not do and that we were paying her to show us what she could teach him. Our family came to the conclusion that she could not help us.

We were shocked that a thirty minute evaluation could permanently label a child. Thirty minutes is not enough time to figure out what a toddler wants for breakfast let alone his adult life. We observed Caleb’s thirty minute speech evaluation. We had a lot of doubt about the evaluation process. How could anybody properly evaluate anybody’s child in a thirty minute session? Especially since these evaluations will go on their medical records.

Caleb was uncooperative during the initial speech evaluation. We felt the evaluation was outdated and left no room for adjustments. In other words there was only one correct answer and only one correct answer.

For instance the speech therapist would show pictures to Caleb and ask him to tell them what they were. I remember the speech therapist showing Caleb a picture of a bald eagle. She asked Caleb what the picture looked like to him. He said “BRR” He was telling her bird. She wrote in her report that Caleb did not know what a bald eagle was. She said that bird was the wrong answer. She then went on to tell me how sad it is that Caleb did not have the vocabulary to identify a bald eagle.

During that time Caleb woke us up in the middle of the night crying. He seemed very sick. His eyes rolled in the back of his head and he started shaking. At first we thought he was dying. It looked like he could not breathe. His lips turned blue and he was making gasping sounds. When he started foaming at the mouth and we realized he was having a seizure. My husband called 911 and paramedics arrived within five minutes. They allowed me to ride in the ambulance with Caleb to the hospital. We were told that Caleb had a fever induced seizure. This only caused me to have more sleepless nights worrying about Caleb’s health.

In the meantime we fired Caleb’s speech therapist. We needed somebody that would fight for Caleb and try to teach him how to talk. We were getting very frustrated dealing with our health insurance over speech therapy. We discovered that most insurance plans will not pay for speech therapy. Apparently many insurance companies do not see the need for speech therapy. We were lucky that our insurance would pay for a determined amount of speech therapy sessions each year. These speech therapy sessions are at least 100$ for a 30 minute session. So the average person can not afford it without help from the insurance company.

During this time we were wondering about how to find a speech therapist that would help Caleb. Caleb had another seizure. This time there was no fever. We were getting ready for church. Caleb was running all over the house playing. Next thing I remember was hearing a loud thump and when I turned around Caleb was on the floor having a seizure. When we went to the ER we were told that Caleb once again had a fever induced seizure. I took Caleb’s temperature during his seizure and it was normal. So I really did not think it was a fever induced seizure. Two weeks later Caleb had another seizure. Again we were told that he had a fever induced seizure. It was hard to believe since he had no fever before, during, or after his seizure. We were told it was time to see a pediatric neurologist. We were very frustrated to learn there was a 6 month wait to get into see a pediatric neurologist.

At this point we did not know what to think. We were very worried about Cale

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