More and more people are choosing to work from home rather than in a traditional office setting. These individuals are reaping the benefits of more flexible hours and workloads, allowing them to spend more time with their families and doing what they enjoy. Today, there are several options on the Internet for those people interested in working from home in a variety of job fields and industries.

Some of the most popular and successful work-at-home jobs for unskilled and common workers are survey completion, research, price shopping, and responding to e-mails. For those individuals with more skills the jobs are even better and more plentiful. The most prevalent jobs are found in transcription, writing and design, computer programming, counseling, translating, and crafting. It is beneficial to obtain certification or career training in order to make more money and get better jobs.

One of the biggest concerns for individuals looking for work online is scam artists who try to get people to buy materials and other supplies with promises of better pay and good jobs. To avoid these types of scams, it is a good idea to never agree to pay for a service unless it is accredited by a well-known organization, preferably by the Better Business Bureau.

There are several helpful sites that offer work to individuals choosing to work from home. is an accredited site that lists jobs from various organizations that allow work to be completed from home. HEA Services offers over 2,500 work-at-home jobs listed on their database with over 1,000 new positions added annually. HEA allows people to submit their resumes for employers to look over and also lists specific jobs that individuals can browse to find the right one for them. HEA specializes in finding jobs in many different fields and allows users to search based on location and level of experience. JobBank USA is another helpful site allowing individuals to search for jobs and post their resumes. They have the added perk of including helpful resources that give examples of successful resumes and cover letters to help individuals get a job.

Some well-known companies are now allowing their employees to work from home and are providing work opportunities for individuals in need. The popular airline Jet Blue hires reservation specialists to book flights for customers online, right from their own homes, but requires at least two years experience in customer service. Another business is Key for Cash, who looks for experienced typists to enter data and other information for businesses that do not have the time or need for full-time employees. This type of work is easy, can usually be done on an individual’s own time frame, and pays decent. Working Solutions is a company that hires agents with good communication skills to do work for their various clients. They also have specific needs for multi-lingual people to communicate with their diverse client base. LiveOps is a networking company that hires agents to call people to try and sell their services. They have a special group that specializes in processing food deliveries to ensure accurate food orders. They also have a need for bilingual agents to make a variety of different sales calls in order to get the best and most accurate responses.

With a vast majority of at-home workers being women or stay-at-home moms, there have been several sites started that are geared specifically to these women. WAHM is an online magazine specifically designed for stay-at-home moms who have a desire to work. They offer helpful articles that give tips and advice on how to find work at home. They have job listings and other business opportunities specifically geared toward moms, along with a fun column from WAHM creator Cheryl Demas. The site also has links to other helpful sites. MommyEnterprises shows job opportunities for work at home jobs. They also help moms find bargains online and sites that provide freebies to stay-at-home moms. The site also links users to other moms so they can talk about jobs and give advice to those in need. Bizymoms is another great site that offers job searching services free of charge. They have vast contacts with successful women who have secured good careers while working at home. They allow users to network and talk to others to get the best advice.

Today there are more and more job opportunities becoming available to people wanting to work from home. With the help of useful websites, people can now network and search job listings to find the right job for them in the field of their choice. No matter the reason, whether it’s a desire to spend more time at home or a want for a more flexible schedule, people now have the option of staying at home while working a job.

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