While a great many folks will get their gecko from a pet store of sorts, an increasingly popular alternative is to try to find a leopard gecko breeder near you. As you likely know, it can be tough to gauge what you’re buying at a run-of-the-mill pet store. These stores are populated often with lower-paid employees who have little choice but to sell the inventory that has come in.  Balinesecatbreeders.com

When you buy at a pet store, you may never know whether your gecko came straight out of the wild from the wild mountain sloes of central Asia or whether it came from the breeder around the corner from you. A wild gecko might have difficulty adapting, whereas the bred gecko is used to captivity. Moreover, the bred gecko could possibly be purchased directly from the breeder at a lower price, without padding the pocket of the middleman pet store.

Aside from money, purchasing from leopard gecko breeders helps you ensure both solid genetics and a healthy disposition. The leopard gecko breeders deal with their animals first-hand every day of the week. They are able to relay information about the age, disposition, and health of each animal. If you just consider age, for example, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your leopard gecko is just a year old rather than 12? After all, if they live about 20 years, there’s a big difference. But it could be tough to discern the age of wild-caught gecko with certainty.

If you find some leopard gecko breeders near you, this gives you yourself a great chance to screen the animals. For instance, you can examine the critter to see if it shows signs that are either a sign of health or a sign of distress. You might see evidence of paralysis, inflammation or actual sores, or some mucus in the nose or mouth. Alternately, you might just observe that the breathing seems pressures. Or the animal could be lethargic. These are warning signs that all is not necessarily well.

On the flip side, this gives you a great chance to verify the health of the animal too. See, you can for vibrant eyes. Also, as opposed to mucus-filled membranes, look to see that the mouth and nose are clear. If the animal is active, this is always a good sign. You might also observe the tail, as a fat tail shows that leopard gecko breeders are giving them ample diet. These geckos store fat in their tail. Just as you examine the eyes for brilliance, you’ll want to see if the skin is bright as well. These signs help you discern that the animal is healthy and likely to display a good appetite and thrive once taken home.

In addition to health, visiting leopard gecko breeders lets you check out the character of the animal and the character of the breeder. You want one that is social and fine with being held. It’s always possible that some leopard gecko breeders are doing it more for the money than the love of the animal. If so, they may not handle them sufficiently. Plus, you can see if they are adept at distinguishing the sex of the animals. If they handle them frequently and give optimal care, they will know the different genders, as this drives the care they provide. Boys and girls get slightly different care. If they aren’t comfortable “talking about sex,” then they likely can’t tell the difference and aren’t providing tailored care.

If you run into trouble find leopard gecko breeders in your area, you might try a pet shot or, specifically, a reptile show that comes to town. More and more of these are conducted these days. Here at these functions, you’ll find the most devoted hobbyists and reptile lovers. If you find other leopard gecko enthusiasts, you might just have landed a contact that will be a great resource in the future.

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