As mentioned earlier, there are many concentrations available. Some are more common, such as human resources or marketing, while others are lesser known and explored areas. Let s take a look at some of these emphasis areas that can lead to niche business careers:Event planning is an exciting and dynamic career that involves planning, designing, and managing events for private or corporate clients. Event planning is perhaps one of the more glamorous business professions, as far removed from a regular 9 to 5 office routine as can be. From planning exotic destination and theme-based events to managing important business conferences, everything falls under the umbrella of event planning. And if you thought it s just fun you re in for if you join this profession, think again. Event planners can earn an average of $28,621 to $75,900 per year in total pay, depending on location, education, and experience**.

If you love shopping, then imagine a career wherein you spend your entire day in a store assisting customers in need. If it sounds like your dream job, an associate degree in business with a retail sales emphasis can help you pursue entry- to mid-level positions in retail outlets, and train you in various aspects of retail sales, including customer service, sale strategies, team management, etc.

Personal property managers are responsible for the maintenance and management of fixed assets such as desks, chairs, hospital beds, etc., at educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and government agencies. Consequently, a property management degree includes coursework relevant to this industry, in addition to typical business topics like marketing, finance, accounting, business law, investment principles, etc.

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