Students who are working for their distance learning online degree have enough challenges affording a good computer, Internet hookup and a quiet place to study. That doesn’t even include the energy and determination to complete their studies. Many times, new virtual freshmen feel totally isolated because they are used to being surrounded by other students in a classroom. They need that contact. Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth. What many don’t know is the students are only seconds away from their classmates; they only have to reach out. Online schools also provide a number of ways to have easy contact with the professors. If anything, the teachers report more contact with their online charges than their on-campus students.

Those not familiar with online education may suffer from the illusion of the e-learner as some kind of a lonely laborer. If so, they are in for a surprise. Actually, it seems the lack of face-to-face contact increases the volume of e-mail messages between teachers and their online students to five or six times per day. In addition to e-mail, students spend their share of time on group message boards and chat rooms with the entire class.

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