Who knows… maybe you’ll even make a t-shirt and sell it to your list at a profit. What a concept! actually making money from your band with something other than the music! Ever notice people walking around wearing a t-shirt from their favorite band? Ca-ching!!!

Make an announcement at the end of your set to join your mailing list so the audience knows to sign up. Also, put it next to you, because when the set is over you can talk to people and make a connection. Some love to have the recognition of the talented person on the stage talking to them, others do not. These people will just put their information on the page and leave. Remember to thank them. This is not the Punk era and that attitude will only get in your way.

What if your music doesn’t fit into any established category? Look for colleges. They love going against the norms of society and are always looking for something new. There are also still some clubs around that like to give different kinds of music a chance. Just like you want to be a rock and roll star, plenty of club owners want their club to become the next CBGBs.

Be sure to scour the newspapers for audition and open microphone nights. Why not? It’s another chance to play and practice your live skills. Tons of famous bands and musicians started out playing on these free nights, even if only one or two songs. Don’t ignore the opportunity just because you may think it sounds cheesy.

The point is, if you want to succeed in the music business, you need to be heard. And the best way to be heard is live, in front of an audience. There are plenty of other ways to get your music in the hands of consumers, but nothing else has the impact of a live performance.

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