•  Are you realistic about your income? A budget may fail if your income section is more about goals and ideals than actuals.


    •  Are there rewards? A budget should have some rewards worked into it – a vacation, a movie out, or a new pair of shoes.

Include Fun Alternatives

As noted above, having alternatives to fill the void created by cutbacks is helpful to keeping your budget. Having creative and fun alternatives may be even more helpful. Here are some ideas.

    •  Instead of eating lunch out, pack a fun lunch Bento-style.


    •  Lunch-in can be a fun picnic, indoor or outdoor.


    •  Staying home for dinner can be fun if it involves a cookout or, if you’re really in the mood to be creative, experimenting with a homemade solar oven.


    •  Cutting back by getting rid of cable need not be too painful – high-speed internet access is generally a whole lot cheaper than cable, and the family can have fun gathering around the computer for movie night online.


    •  Instead of going to the movies, make your own. Have a family make-a-movie night and put on plays, puppet shows, or what-have-you. Capture the fun using your digital camera or webcam.


  •  Look up how to make your own skin cleansers, household cleaners, and even shampoo online. Learn how you can make these things for pennies, saving by shunning store-bought versions and having fun in the process.

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