Using Incorrect Hierarchy

Hierarchy is important for websites since it lets the audience see the elements, according to their importance by guiding their eyes towards the piece. In general, when viewers are looking at it, their eyes move from the left therefore, this is where critical information should be placed.

This makes hierarchy one of the best web design techniques that rank the information provided, in accordance to their importance. Whatever the purpose of designing the piece: a new blog, an event or to convey a sale, it should include the correct hierarchy in it.

Creating Design for the Wrong Medium

Those who are designing a piece should have a medium in mind. They may want to have it printed in a magazine, appear on a social media platform or be used for product marketing. As an example, they create a design with a red, green, blue color mode. These are best for digital screens and can be added to show the range of colors on a television, tablet, phone and computer screen. When they make a format suitable for digital but use it for printing, it will not look as good since colors will not interpret well.



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