Paths are mostly used when you are taking people to a section of your website other than the homepage, because those URLs tend to be long and confusing. In the “ad text” field, you can enter a description or phrase to give information about your ad to your customers.

Lastly, you can enter a mobile URL in case that you need to use one, and you can preview your ad as a last step on the right side of this panel. When you’re done creating an ad, you can hit “save” to go back and finalize this step, or click on “save and create another” to add a new ad to the same ad group or to a different one within the same campaign.

Now that your ad has been created, you can add extensions to it.“Ad extensions” are the defining aspect of each campaign, because they are what fulfills the final advertising goal. Throughout this article, you’ll notice that most steps in the campaign creation process follow a constant path with the exception of the part where you have to add the “ad extensions”. “Ad extensions” are pieces of information that you’ll need to include in your ad when you want to reach an advertising goal.

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