The primary way to successfully decide what you want to do is get in tune with your interests, capabilities, and personality. Figure out which classes you enjoyed the most in high school, stuff that you re good at, or things you are passionate about. Make sure you choose college programs that suit your personal goals rather than fit into anyone else s idea of what you should be doing. Once you ve zeroed in on a college major, then you can start looking at colleges and universities offering your preferred major.

As soon as you ve decided on a major and have applied to a college, start researching the financial aid options that you are qualified to receive, and then start applying for them as soon as possible, as some of them work on first come, first served” basis. In case you have to take out an education loan to fund college, stick to federal loans that have lower interest rates and flexible payment plans.

And if you re planning to work your way through college, or at least a part of it, make sure you are able to balance your job with school, and that prioritize your education. Overtime, working two jobs, working weekends and holidays, etc., may help you pay your tuition, but if it leaves you too exhausted for your coursework, there s little point in attending school.

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