Communication being the fastest growing technology in todayandrsquo;s world has cradled the most basic smoke signaling and to being the most widely used in our present age. Internet has revolutionized the process of communication. It is being defines as a worldwide network of interconnected group of small networks. It evolved from a local office network somewhere in France and eventually became a worldwide network of networks all over the world. The problem with internet is that in its present state, millions of people are technically advanced and very skilled when it comes to data interception. Interrupting emails and other important data is just a childandrsquo;s play to them, thus the advent of scammers and spammers. While this might do well to some, this is clearly an intrusion to privacy. Because of this VPN (Virtual Private Network) was developed. It is designed to make the much publicly used network be virtually private to some who needed for the safety and protection of their confidential documents.

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