Do you have your own truck? Do you have number of friends who consistently ask you to help them move or haul away old couches? If you said yes to the above, and are in the market for a new job, the junk removal industry might be just what you are looking for. This may not be the most exciting or desirable career path, but as the old adage goes “It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to it” and that someone could be you! For as long as there is human consumption and consumerism, there will be a need for trash removal. Here are some steps necessary to get started in the biz!

· Look into the permits, by-laws, and small business regulations in your area

Before advertising or charging residents for removal, make sure you are abiding by your town’s laws for servicing the community. Look into permits and insurance for work vehicles, employees, and equipment. Get information on where you can take the junk you have collected and look into the costs, safety, and legality of where you can drop-off collected materials. Don’t forget to register your small business!

· Look into renting, leasing, or buying the vehicles, equipment, and materials needed to launch your business.

This may be putting together a fleet of trucks or vans, obtaining a collection of dumpsters and bins of various sizes for leaving on job sites or renting to people for personal use that you will haul away, and even researching what small machinery or tools you may require to remove items or dumpsters from location.

· Do your research!

Aside from knowing where to dump the trash, recognize what needs special disposal like toxic materials, batteries, or recyclables. A keen eye will also know what may have some resale value such as older but usable furniture, scrap metal or even old cars.

· Start your marketing, advertising, and word of mouth promoting.

This will be how you get your name and business out to the public. Look into costs of print vs. online advertisements, check out your community paper for deals for local businesses, create a website which houses your information and hours of operation, think about business cards, and don’t forget to use social media as an outlet low-cost marketing (ex. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) Friends and family, though low-profit, will be your best word of mouth referrals so treat them as you would any paying client!

· Get started!

Starting your own business can be a fun and exciting challenge. Make sure to do the research involved, fulfil your legal obligations, and get out there and kick some trash! This business can be founded on a relatively low start-up cost, with potential for high earnings and the chance to be your own boss!

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