There are myriads of physical fitness programs written particularly for improving vertical, yet these are not sufficient in maintaining a healthy body. These vertical jump programs mostly contain exercises, workouts and rigorous trainings without the nutritional diet portion. It must be understood that there are important nutrients which are essential for building a strong and healthy body. Now, if you want to improve your vertical and learn how to jump higher, then you need to search on the internet for a good jump manual which includes a well researched diet program aside from the personalized training it offers through video tutorials.

Typically, vertical enthusiasts try to discover various means that may allow them to jump higher than ever before. In understanding how the human body works and knowing the importance of the nutritional values of food contribute greatly to his or her physical appearance. How one looks on the outside is an aura that emanates from within the person and this is due to good nutrition.

Weight control is one big factor that affects the leap of an athlete, thus the types of food with macro-nutrients that improve jumping maneuvers must be included in the vertical explosion program. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are considered as the best nutrients that athletes must have in their daily diet.


Basically, humans need more proteins for the body. According to research on nutritional facts, the following foods listed below are found to be high in protein per 100 gram of its edible portion which includes:

*any meat in general at 87.6 grams

*egg of a hen at 86.5 grams

*casein at 86.2 grams

*dried shark fin at 83.9 grams

*isolated type soy protein at 79.1grams

*fish and shellfish at 77.1grams to 58.9 grams

Proteins constitute in nearly equal amount of 15 percent to 25 percent nitrogen and oxygen. In extreme cases, protein deficiency can eventually cause the disease called kwashiorkor. It is truly frustrating when an ambitious jumper is afflicted with kwashiorkor considering that its symptoms involve conditions such as fatigue, lethargy and irritability.

If at one time you asked your self how do I jump higher without or insufficient protein in the body, then you got your answer right here.

Carbohydrates or Carbs

Living creatures, particularly human beings require carbohydrates in their body. Starchy foods like cereals, sweet potatoes, yams, bread and many more of the same kind are the common sources of carbs. Carbohydrates comprise approximately 50 percent oxygen, an element which is of utmost importance to every breathing being.

These particular nutrients perform vital roles in the immune system, as well as do many different tasks for the human body in particular. Carbohydrates aid in blood clotting and the prevention of pathogenesis, fertilization and growth of organisms.


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