There’s something so hopeful about possibility. Perhaps that’s why I love decorating so much. Sometimes making a few simple changes can make all the difference in the world. The ability to personalize and customize our space is so empowering.

Personalization can look different to each of us. We all have our own idea of beauty and comfort. Whether it’s a journal, a favorite room, an outdoor space, a garden; when you stop and think about it, you can beautify just about anything. Even your life.

The things we surround ourselves with have a huge impact on the way we’re feeling. Are your surroundings working well for you? Do you have a sense of serenity and comfort in your day to day life? Or do you need some changes? If it seems you’ve tried everything to shake the blues, get out of your funk, lift the clouds and otherwise lose that feeling that something isn’t right, perhaps it’s time to consider a redecoration of another sort.

Consider the parallels of adorning a space and adorning your own life. When things aren’t going quite as we had planned, often our first instinct is to change our surroundings. Get a new haircut, change our clothing, hang a picture. Something to aesthetically improve our surroundings and give ourselves that instant boost. These enhancements may indeed help…for awhile. But then, because we haven’t touched on the root of the issue, we may be left again feeling like something is missing inside.

If you’re still feeling like something is missing inside, sit down and thoroughly consider the following questions.

1. How do I want to feel when I’m through? Energetic, relaxed, serene, empowered?
2. What’s working well? What parts makes me feel happy or proud?
3. What’s not working well? What parts don’t make me comfortable? What doesn’t feel right to me?
4. What do I hope to gain with these changes?
5. Have I made an organized plan to most efficiently work through these changes?
6. Will I need help with my transformation? Who can I trust to allow on my team?
7. What steps can I take today to move from potential to reality?

Take your time. Answer thoroughly. And be honest with yourself. You just may be surprised! Redecorating is a huge undertaking, whether you are redesigning a room or redesigning your life. As you evolve, be gentle with yourself. All of this change takes time and great attention to detail. If you do it piece by beautiful piece, building on what you’ve already done, the result will be a masterpiece you can be proud of.

By yanam49

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