Many companies who rely on couriers to ship their products are unaware of the types of services that are included in courier dispatch software packages. As the shipping industry has evolved and newer technologies become available, many couriers have developed their own shipping software systems that include a variety of services designed to make shipping faster and more efficient. It becomes incumbent upon the shipper to research exactly what types of services are available in courier software packages, including the automated delivery function.

If there is one constant among companies, it is the ability to do business faster and more effectively with a lower margin of error. These three components can vastly improve a company’s bottom line, and the ability to automate shipments serves as a vital function that can help companies achieve those goals.

An automated shipping function essentially allows a company to ship predetermined orders on a regularly scheduled basis as laid out in the contract between shipper and client. The shipper then has a process set in place through the courier dispatch software that they can rely on, and their customers can rely on as well. With automated scheduled orders, the room for error is minimal, and the courier company itself is also saving time and money by being able to schedule courier pickup ahead of time.

There are instances when services need to be manually input due to customer order changes or last minute changes, and most courier dispatch software systems can certainly handle that as well. Scheduled deliveries not only allow courier companies to run faster and more efficiently, but in the long run can help in keeping their costs lower as well, meaning that shipper won’t be faced with additional costs that are normally passed on as the result of rising costs.

When hearkening back to times before the age of courier dispatch software, shippers at times lamented pickups and deliveries that weren’t made on time, or couriers at times forgetting delivery times altogether. With automated scheduling, the courier is able to better track shipment pickup requests by alerting the drivers through their internal communications systems. Pickups can also be halted and resumed if necessary as well.

A courier company is meant to act as an agent and partner in your company’s shipping operations, and having a courier that has an updated courier dispatch software package that has automated scheduling options along with other features saves both the courier and shipper much needed time and reduces overall costs for both.

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